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July 25, 2013
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U S A G I - Reference + Bio by Patti-Katti U S A G I - Reference + Bio by Patti-Katti

Name: Usagi
Last name: -
Nickname: None
Age: 15
Birthday: January 19th

- - -
Species: Rabbit
Fur: Peach
eyes: Pale blue
Location: Aunt’s House
Occupation: None

- - -
- Optimistic, tidy, silly.
- Harsh, independent.
- Timid, impatient, gullible.
Likes: Food, traveling
Dislikes: Untidy places, modern architecture
Hobbies: Eating, runs a culinary blog
Fears: losing her ability to taste
Favourite color: Honey Yellow
Favourite food: Carrot Cake
Goal: Become a chef or culinary critic

- - -
Alternate Universe
Powers: Manipulates water
Strength: -
Weakness: -

- - -
Relation with my other characters:

» Aoi and Jelly
Usagi, Aoi and Jelly are in the same class and grade, because Usagi skipped a year. They are very good friends and spend tons of  time together. It’s hard to find one of them without at least one of the other two. Aoi and Jelly usually tease Usagi because of her age, though Usagi is the smarter one of the three and usually knows how to solve most problems.
» Kotone
Usagi became a frequent visitor of Kotone’s café almost directly after it had opened. Because Usagi wrote some very positive reviews about the food there, Kotone asked her to come by whenever they had a new item on the menu.
» Seira and Misu
Seira and Misu are waitresses at Kotone’s café. Seira is usually the one to take Usagi’s orders. Other than that they don’t interact.
» Katani, Aria and Choi
Usagi has only seen them a few times in the café and doesn’t interact with them.

Relation with other people's characters:
None Yet
Family: Usagi lives at her aunt’s house because her parents are usually away travelling. During school vacations she will go travel with her parents and write lots of reviews/critiques about foreign restaurants and food.

Usagi © =Patti-Katti || Updated 1st Dec. 2013
- - - - -
Other images/looks:
H-huh..? by Patti-Katti

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