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K O T O N E - Reference + Bio by Patti-Katti K O T O N E - Reference + Bio by Patti-Katti

Name: Kotone
Last name: -
Nickname: Cotton (by Aria) Koko (by Katani)
Age: 26
Birthday: May 4th

- - -
Species: Cat
Fur: (Hot) Pink
eyes: Yellow
Location: Own apartment
Occupation: Café owner

- - -
- Optimistic, patient, sincere, generous.
- Easily excited, dreamy, flirtatious.
- Unorganised, easily distracted.
Likes: Food, Fashion, Guys, Kids, reading romantic novels.
Dislikes: Seeing people in pain, rude customers.
Hobbies: Reading, going out.
Fears: -
Favourite color: Red
Favourite food: Anything with meat.
Goal: start a nice family

- - -
Alternate Universe
Powers: Manipulates fire.
Strength: Lots of experience, good at estimating others’ powers.
Weakness: -

- - -
Relation with my other characters:
» Katani, Choi and Aria
Katani is Kotone’s best friend and also the one that helped her do the paperwork for her café. They have known eachother since high school, since Kotone had to re-do two years and Katani skipped one.  They get along greatly and see each other a few times a week. Choi and Kotone became friends after Katani introduced Choi to Kotone. However Choi doesn’t seem to like Kotone very much. Kotone is very fond of Aria and vice versa. Both of them being cats they have similar interests and like to play together as well.
» Seira and Misu
Seira and Misu are Kotone’s employees. She’s very fond of them and doesn’t mind it when they slack off a bit, as long as the customers get served. Kotone likes to chat with them while they’re at work but other than that doesn’t talk with them.
» Usagi, Jelly and Aoi
Kotone is very grateful for Usagi’s positive reviews on the café and therefore offers her the new items on the menu for free. Jelly and Aoi are customers that sometimes stop by as well.
Relation with other people's characters:
» None Yet
Family: -

Kotone © =Patti-Katti || Updated 1st Dec. 2013
- - - - -
Other images/looks:
Kotone by Patti-Katti Crossfire by Patti-KattiP u r p l e . R o c k by Patti-Katti
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